How does the site work?

  1. Participating academics and post-graduate students are assigned ‘authorship’ status and provided with a ‘guide-to-posting-content’ crib sheet. When the whim takes them, authors pen posts on topics of interest. Once cleared by the administrator (currently JR and Haritina Mogosanu) these posts appear on the front page of the site, 6 at a time. Each post is linked to a category (e.g., research, education, events, minerals, energy, aggregates) and tags (e.g., social science, gold, geothermal, coal, mine geology, renewables, oil & gas, CO2 sequestration, methane, gas hydrates, rock physics, iwi, and so on…). The viewer can search by tags or categories.
  2. Tweets: if you tweet your tweets can go to this site #UOAnro
  3. People can subscribe to the site. A monthly e-letter will be distributed to the list, using content from the posts.

Why bother?

  1. The conversations may be stimulating
  2. We may enhance our reputation in this space, individually and collectively, which can be good for funding applications.
  3. We fulfil our responsibilities as critic and conscience of society in a sphere.
  4. We may attract excellent students/colleagues.