About Us

Natural Resources Online

Who are we?

A web community of University academics and their students who are passionate about the extractive natural resources (minerals, hydrocarbons, geothermal energy, road aggregates), particularly in New Zealand. Our community includes geophysicists, social scientists, geologists, numerical modellers, engineers, economists and lawyers. We span many different perspectives from hard rock geology, environmental management, environmental science to resource and environmental economics, even economics of renewable energy. Some of us are experts in gold exploration, others in geothermal energy, coal and unconventional fossil fuels. Some of us are concerned with indigenous rights, others with the notion of a social license to operate.

We do not always agree with each other – each post represents the views of the author(s), not necessarily all members of the Natural Resources Online Community. However, what we have in common is a desire to participate in critical conversations about natural resources to help the public, industry, and local and central Government make well-informed decisions.

What is this site about?

As part of our employment in a University, we are required to act as critics and conscience of society. On this site, we take on this role via posts and other forms of commentary. Our purpose is to present a critical view on all aspects of natural resources. Sometimes we invite guest perspectives to spark conversations, and these may be more parochial in tone. However, our role and the role of our students is to present commentary that sits firmly in the ‘critic and conscience’ space.

What is this site NOT about? Advocacy.

The authors contributing to this site may offer critical opinion but they cannot lobby for any particular interest group.

How does the site work?