Where do you come from?
The San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara Valley aka Silicon Valley

What’s your speciality?
Interactions amongst crustal fluids, sediments and organisms in active tectonic settings, particularly extreme environments. Using detailed facies models in conjunction with other tools to refine our understanding of resources affiliated with terrestrial hot springs and hydrocarbon cold seeps.

Who or what has been your biggest influence?
Traveling the western U.S. with my family in a motorhome as a youth and later with university friends, opening my senses to the wonders of geology, paleontology and the Great Outdoors.

What are three things that even your co-workers don’t know about you?
(1) I have a passion for watches which I share with my younger brother.
(2) While I am left handed, I play most sports right handed.
(3) Rocks have been whispering their stories to me since I was a little girl.

When it comes to natural resources, what kinds of questions do people usually ask you?
Where can you find gold in them thar hills? Do you want to go prospecting on Mars?

One sentence to say anything.
My favorite quote is: “The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up” – Mae Jemison, first African American female astronaut, physician, dancer, entrepreneur at the cross-roads of technology and education.